Dog Bite Liability


As a dog owner, you should have dog bite liability insurance coverage for any injuries or accidents your dog could cause. The size and temperament of your dog are not exceptions to this premise because even the smallest of dogs can leave a scar if they bite.

You should make sure your insurance covers any accidents caused by your dog and make sure the insurance limits are adequate. You should have, at the minimum, $100,000 in liability plus $1,000 for no-fault medical payments.  However, it is preferred that you have $300,000 liability plus $5,000 for no-fault medical payments.

Regularly having the proper amount of liability coverage can be covered by one policy, such as your homeowner’s renters, or canine liability policy. You could also purchase an umbrella policy, as they are relatively inexpensive.

The general guidelines to follow should be:

  1. Get a canine insurance policy if you are unable to get homeowner’s or renter’s insurance
  2. If your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover dog accidents, you can get an umbrella policy, but make sure it covers dog bites, etc.
  3. If you can’t get an umbrella policy, get canine liability insurance
  4. If your homeowner’s or rental insurance policy does cover dog accident, but limit the liability coverage, or the liability coverage is not high enough, you can opt for either an umbrella or dog bite liability insurance.

Canine liability insurance is available from the companies listed below. This list is not by any means inclusive, and you should shop around to find the best canine insurance liability policy for your individual needs. Additionally, the Indianapolis, Indiana attorneys at Indianapolis Dog Bite Lawyers do not in any means endorse any of the companies listed below.

Dean Insurance Company

According to their website, Dean Insurance Company offers a broad range of coverage, no deductible, and is available throughout the United States, except Alaska. Your dog will be underwritten individually, so a specific breed of dog is not excluded.

They claim their coverage will protect you against medical and legal expenses that are related to your dog, causing injuries to someone, by bite, scratch, or creating a fall.

Also, the policy extends to your dog injuring another animal. They offer between $25,000 and $300,000, and it can also extend to any umbrella policy you may have up to $5,300,000.

Farmer’s Insurance

Farmer’s Insurance Company offers renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy that protects you with associated costs that are related to your home or dog. Their insurance coverage will extend to liability for your dog.

They claim that if your dog bites someone on or off your property, their property insurance will reimburse you for all medical and legal costs.

Einhorn Insurance Agency

They claim that make it a point to include dogs whose breed is considered to be dangerous on their insurance policies. This company also says that they will cover more than just the standard canine liability insurance companies because they will include all dogs of all breeds, backgrounds, and temperaments.

Additionally, they will help you if you are a landlord to offer insurance to your tenants for protection and includes coverage for dogs who were rescued, including foster homes, and any damage caused by a rescue dog.


Esurance generally includes a built-in pet insurance liability clause in both their homeowner’s and rental insurance policies. They claim that if your pet harms someone in your home, you can be reimbursed for that person’s medical bills.


Trupanion is listed as a trusted company for pet insurance. They say their policies are customizable so you can choose the reimbursements and deductibles that are right for you.

They also have a Pet Owner Assistance Package that provides for any third-party damage caused by your pets.

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