Pit Bull Attacks


Currently, there are approximately 4.5 million pit bulls in the United States, of that number, it’s estimated that 1.2 million will end up in a shelter at some point in their lives. While pit bulls are most known for their aggression toward other dogs rather than humans, dachshunds and Chihuahuas are two breeds that have been known to have the most substantial amount of aggression toward people.

Pit Bulls: Not a Popular Breed In America

Pit bulls are one of the most disliked breeds in the United States. It’s estimated that 40 percent of all pit bulls in the U.S. are up for adoption or being sold by their owners.

Additionally, pit bulls stay in shelters three times longer than other breeds, and of those, 40 percent are euthanized each year.

Most Americans feel that pit bulls can be dangerous, and a family with small children shouldn’t have a pit bull in their family.

Injuries and Deaths Due to Pit Bull Attacks and Bites

Dogsbite.org has reported that between 2013 to present animal control and health departments say pit bulls lead all breeds when it comes to biting incidents.

From 1982 to December 31, 2017, 389 people died due to a pit bull attack. However, in 2017, besides pit bulls, 11 other dog breeds caused fatal injuries to humans. They include Akita, Boxer mix, and German Shepherds.

Of all dog bites that occur in the United States, 81 percent of all dog bites caused little or no injury, meaning they were cared for without medical treatment.

According to a Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia study, 50 percent of all dog bites treated were from pit bulls. In total, there were 30 dog breeds involved with the study with the next most common being from Rottweilers.

Some Surprising Facts About Pit bulls

According to the American Temperament Test Society, pit bulls have a passing temperament rate of 86.7%. This is lower than beagles, Border collies, and Chihuahuas.

Pit bulls bite because they haven’t been trained or appropriately socialized by their owners. This is owner error, not a dangerous dog issue. The American Veterinary Medical Association has said that it’s not in the pit bull’s inherent characteristics to bite a person.

Many people believe that pit bulls have the most substantial bite.  This simply isn’t true. A bite force study conducted by National Geographic found that pit bulls have the smallest bite force compared to other so-called “bully” breeds.

Many people believe that pit bulls have “locking” jaws, and when it bites something or someone, it can’t let go. The truth is a Pit Bull’s jaw works just like any other dog’s jaw; the more significant concern is the dog’s size and strength.

Pit Bull Injuries and Disfigurements

Of the 989 dogs who killed or disfigured people in 2017, it was found that pit bulls accounted for 88 percent of the disfigurements.

Pit bulls killed 40 people in 2017 -39 people in the United States and one person in Canada.

Dog bites injured 385 children in 2017. Of those 385 children, 298 or 77 percent were injured by pit bulls.

457 adults were injured in 2017 in cases where at least one person was killed or disfigured. Of those adults, 256 were injured by pit bulls or 78 percent.

In 2018, 25 people living in the United States were killed by pit bulls. 19 of them were females.

Pit Bulls Kill More Pets and Animals

It’s been reported by Merritt Clifton, editor of Animals 24-7, that in 2017, pit bulls killed approximately 13,000 dogs, 5,000 cats, and 20,000 horses or other livestock. This makes pit bulls the number 1 killer of other people’s pets, horses, and sheep.

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